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Honestly, I lack the confidence to wear or pull off a sexy tight body hugging dress, I always settle for something like a fit and flare, skater skirt or something that doesn't really too tight on my body. But this dress from Oasap truly made an exception. I couldn't just say no to this Sexy Black Dress with See-through Trumpet Skirt. It may be different from my usual wardrobe interest, but a little change won't hurt. 

This dress was carefully crafted in cotton, polyester and of course my favorite - lace. If you wanted a little drama in your wardrobe then this is the dress. Above it looks more  conservative, but the bottom part is a little ostentatious which is really creative. While the Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses add the finishing touch. Do I look like cat woman going to an evening gala? lol

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Little Black Dress

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The LBD or Little Black Dress is a staple item for any wardrobe that can be dressed up or down. An LBD should be styled as simple as possible. Choies have revolutionized that rule, but on the other hand still keep it as simple as possible just like this Black Mesh skater dress with Rhinestone neckline. It's a cutting edge and a new take on the LBD definitely a must have piece.

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Shades of White

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White to some is a boring color, but if you were to team it up with other hues, it could give a crunchy touch, in addition white is the most easy to styled color agree?
So when I got this white oversized relaxed dress with crocheted lace shoulder from my favorite and trusted brand CHOIES I knew what I'll do with it. 
What I love the most about this dress is the lace shoulder, In Fact It's what actually make this dress stands out. The challenge though is how to wear it without looking like you're hitting the beach and the trick is to wear it with a tights or stocking to make it look more like an everyday outfit. 

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Welcome Spring

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Spring is the time where flowers start to bloom, the weather becomes sunnier and the world seems to be in full color. What better way to greet spring than wearing something relevant to it? And this is what my outfit is all about, I wanted to wear something that connotes spring time and this zanzea chiffon floral maxi dress from Banggood is a thumbs up because this dress is made of ultra light chiffon material that you will always have that silky feel when you touch it. It's very comfortable to wear and the floral print is very fresh and pleasing you could wear it even during summer time and I guarantee you it's a very refreshing dress.

And if any of you is not yet familiar with Banggood it is an online fashion store with more than 30,000 kinds of products across a wide array of categories, Women's apparels Men's apparels, Apple accessories, cell phones, electronics, toys, LED light, clothing, beauty, jewelry, and watches all at a reasonable price

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Lace Dress Giveaway

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      Are Lace dresses your style? Then Dressale is giving away to 12 Lace dress to 12 lucky winners every week.

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60's Skater Dress

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Bold, Artistic and Distinct it's what this Embossed Skater dress is all about. The oil floral painting designs remind me of the Renaissance Arts and that is exactly what makes this skater dress more unique. Over the years Fashion designers have drawn inspirations of their designs to paintings and glad that CHOIES also came up with its own creation by infusing 60's skater dress with Renaissance art and I must say it's one beautiful masterpiece.

This dress is made from polyester material, round neck and with back zipper. You can check this dress at Choies and you can also check similar designed dresses.
Pair it with this oversized heart shape sunglasses for that truly 60's vibe.

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Be My Valentine Prom

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February is not just a Love Month but it's also the Prom Month! It's always that time of the month were girls became the princess that they are ought to be, and come with that is the burden to find the magical Prom dress. I remember my own Prom - that was several years ago (Tsk! I feel so old now) but I vividly remember that my mom has been the one looking for my prom dress since during those times Prom dresses are rather expensive.
Lucky for this generation, they can finally buy beautiful prom dresses that are really cheap! Just take for instance this beautiful prom dress from TB Dress.

Do you still remember that creative, bubbly girl Rainbow Brite? Well, this dress kinda remind me of her. Wear this and travel to your own rainbow land.

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Pink Valentines

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Hello dear readers, Happy Happy Valentines I won't be posting any cheesy romantic photos here hehehe but instead I'll be posting my Valentine outfit given by one of my favorite brand  CHOIES I've specifically saved this Pink Shift Dress with a girl's face for this  special day and what is better to pair it with? Of course with a touch of love too - with my pink heart rivet bag I also got from Choies. I wanted to spend my V-day wearing pink and not the color red. There's too much red already ha-ha. But for a fact that the color also pink symbolizes love and romance. 

Well Hope you guys will have a romantic Valentines Day =)

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Cat N' A Hat

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Hello dears how's everything going? Any plans for this coming valentines =) well, I hope that all you will have a fun moment of that special day. Today, I'm gonna share with you an outfit I got from OASAP I know that many of you are already familiar with the brand who doesn't? I mean Oasap through the years have offered fashion aficionado  
This one of a kind pieces. Just take for instance the Cat print skater-dress I am wearing. I get a lot of compliments from this dress, who can deny the fact that it's so cute? I totally dig it, I decided to don it with a bow knot band wool hat since I was hoping to come up with a vintage girl look. What do you think?


Get the Look:


Shoes, Shades and Cardigan: Local Phil. Store
Name Necklace:
Sling Bag: Borrowed from my sister

If you are a fashion blogger don't forget to check their Fashion Blogger Program.

Thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to leave your thoughts and blog links.

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That One Necklace

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We all loved wearing something personalized just take for instance, this necklace with my very own name! Isn't it adorable? Well, I am very thankful to One Necklace for sending me this. I always wanted to own one so it's a dream come true for me.

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Let's Go Run Down The Grassy Hill

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How I miss those childhood summer memories where I would run down the grassy hill with my childhood girlfriends and rolling down the grassy carpet or lurking behind are so called secret lair made up of tall grasses. How I miss those moments.

That is why when I saw the amazing Grass Bag from Persunmall it brought back good old childhood memoirs. I never regret choosing it, I even gave it a name "Hebe" 

 Persunmall has always offered the best and high quality cute products. Just imagine my excitement when I finally got my parcel from them. I am not only excited for the bag, but for the Spiky Rivet Platform, as well as the Chiffon Top which I've been eyeing for quite some time and the Colorful Cone Necklace for an infusion of color.

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Let's Talk About Lingerie

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Today's post is different from my usual reviews. Today I was gonna talk about lingerie. A lingerie is not just an inner garment. It could also boost a woman's confidence, even if no one else could really see it but the wearer. Today, modern women consider it as an important part of their wardrobe and finding the right lingerie can be tough sometimes. But then again modern technology made it easy. Online shopping opens a new way to find that perfect lingerie.

Babalu France a brand that offers all kinds of Lingeries, Beachwear and Sportswear sent me this 2 piece lingerie and I must say that I am very satisfied with it. It is made with hellen nylon net that made it more comfortable to wear. The floral neon colors are so girly right?  

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