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September 10, 2014

Happy Shoesday Wednesday everyone, today I am sharing wearing you my top picks for cheap shoes from yours truly what can I say they have the most amazing and beautiful shoe collection and the catch is it's very cheap. For shoeaholic like me, it's a huge advantage 'coz imagine how many shoes I could buy. So no further ado, here are my top picks.

I'm into open flats right now so this leopard print sandal is just so perfect for a casual day. Shoe link HERE
A Yellow Ladybug with stripes won't hurt. This shoes  Shoes is too cute to cute to snub. link HERE

This Tassel Lace-up Round-Toe Low Heel Ankle Boots is perfect for those tunic dresses. link HERE
Girly is Dainty so do consider buying this Sweet Pink PU Ankle Strap Wedge Heel Sandals. link HERE
If you love the Greek Olympian Hermes winged sandal then you'll definitely love this Sexy White Patent Material Wedges Women Pumps. link HERE

So there you have it! What's your favorite?

Whoah! an early Chirtmas treat from TB Dress!!

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10 Sweet Thoughts

  1. wow second shoes are amazing :)

  2. Nana... I like the cute little animal print flats... they are too cute :)

  3. such beautiful sandals
    keep in touch

  4. lovely picks :) I want the yellow black and white striped and polka dot one!

  5. Replies
    1. I love this shoes.


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