Spiked Up

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Today I wore jeans!  Yes it’s rather unusual for most people I know to see me sporting on chinos. As I've always said I am not a “Jeans Person “ I always have that notion that I don’t look good on it  knowing that I lack the height and for petite girls like me they always look good in minis,  but I really want to try wearing this High waist skinny jean that my sister D.I.Y'd. She thrifted this pants and sew spike rivets on it and clearly it came out pretty trendy rather than bland and boring.
The halter top was given to me as a Christmas Gift last year. It was one of my favorite because of the sexy style it has at the back and not to mention the ruffles at the front =)
I often channel Japanese fashion on my outfit it’s rather impossible for me to wear something that don't have anything that screams Japanese Fad. And I often got my inspiration on Japanese Magazines - VIVI Magazines and Jelly Magazine (You can see it the one I'm Holding Below)
Again I'm Wearing my Ridge Hollow Out Cat's Eye Sunnies I got from CHOIES you might say it's now my favorite! Because It is! So don't forget to check out their website! you'll be able to find lots of beautiful pieces at a very affordable prices! 

Top: Mags
Pants: Thrifted
Sunnies: Choies
Wedge: From Japanese Online Store
Usamimi: Local Philippines Store

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Let The Rain Come

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Lately the Philippines is experiencing some rain storms, lucky for me I was able to sort out my rainy clothes last week. One thing I love about rainy days is the fact that I am able to do some layering and mix and matching without looking odd at all. Tights and stockings are my favorite elements on a rainy attire it always adds a modest zing to a look. what do you think?

again I got these awesome Ridge Hollow Out Cat Eye Sunglasses at CHOIES isn't it unique? =)
you can grab it for only $20.99 just visit Choies. You can also earn $15.00 shopping spree upon registration. Great right?

I bought this shoes a few days ago when I was looking for a JC "Litas" shoes but when I saw this one I decided to buy it since it's way much cheaper compared to an authentic JC yeah I'm a thrifty shopaholic lol
but  I love the shoes and again it screams gothic lolita. so much of Japanese Fashion huh?

I don't know how long I have this plaid shirt but it's definitely one of  my wardrobe must have. It's been hanging on my closet for years now.
This cute stocking - I borrowed it from my mom lol she actually have plenty of stockings hidden in her closet and all of them are pretty cute!

Top and Shoes: From Local Philippine Store
Skirt: Tag E Pink
Shades: Choies
Watch: Guess
Bag: Borrowed from my Sister
Stockings: Borrowed from my mom

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Bow and Heart

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Bad Romance: Featuring CHOIES

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CHOIES is my Choice

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Let’s just say that I am the kind of person who doesn't Really like going around the mall searching for the best deals that is why when I was First introduce to CHOIES I know its one online shop I will fall in love with and I am not wrong about it because aside from the fact that they offer FREE shipping worldwide their prices are very reasonable!  And for someone like me who loves to go shopping I know with CHOIES my wallet won’t burn holes because they offer the best shopping deals online!!!!

what's more is that Choies weekly stocked all kinds of trendy and stylish items and not to mention the fun activities and free clothes they give to their loyal fashionista patrons. So what are you waiting for?  Get your fashion revelry started and start shopping at Choies!

and here is another great deal by Choies they'll give you a $10.00 shopping points when you register  at CHOIES  and another $5.00 when you complete your personal information and by doing so you'll earn a total of $15.00 Shopping Points! amazing right? 

For fellow Fashion Bloggers don't forget to check their blogger programs, you won't regret it! believe me! =)

And Here's a sneak peek of what I got from the mail yesterday... Aren't they cute? Thank you CHOIES!!!
I am very excited to wear them so don't forget to check out my blog this week! =))

Too cute to handle? you can buy them too just click the following

So when you ask me  what's my choice of online shop? CHOIES is my Choice..

Stay Connected with Choies follow them at the folowing  SNS



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Let's Take a Walk in Wonderland

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Be My Fashion Guru - Suggest a Look for Me

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Lately, I’ve been trying to wear different flairs from my usual girly look to edgy, sporty, rock chic or classic style and I must say it’s kinda hard when I am already used in sporting on girly and trendy stuffs.  But, I am determined to delve into the other Section of fashion. So with this I would like to ask help from you My dear readers and fellow bloggers – Be my Fashion Guru and Suggest a look for Me any look that you may think will look good on me. 

All you need To do is to leave your thoughts or suggested look in the comment box below. (e.g You might want to see me wear maxi skirt+cropped tops, or printed leggings or high heels etc. etc. ) I will be your dolly doll suggest a look for me From head to toe and I will try my very best to bring it to reality. 

And in return I will give a special shout out of your name And blog (With blog link) on my post when I wear your suggested look. I will choose 6 bloggers every week and 2 looks in one post =) So i really hope you guys will support me on this =) and oh you can check my outfit archives so you will have an idea of what I've been wearing the past months. thanks

 This is one of my experimental look. I wanted to look a little edgy in this outfit

Cropped top: Sisters Closet
High waist Short: Local Philippine Store
Shades: dickies
watch: guess

thanks for the time =)



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There Goes The Geek Again

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Spring Flower

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