Swept Away

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Dear Ex

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Hello Readers as you can see this is waaayyy different from my usual blog post. Eventhoug it is not my thing to publicly open my private sentiments but I decided to immortalized my private thoughts through my blog. And this is the first of it. Happy Reading ;)

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Black and Pink

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One thing I love about Saturday is the stillness it gives me. The quietude of this day is way different compared from the rest of the days.   Usually Saturday morning we would go to church and the rest of the afternoon I would just slump on my bed taking catnaps, do meet ups or just simply net surfing or blogging.

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Keeping Sunshine in My Heart

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White is the New Black

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I am very ecstatic with the lovely comments I received on my previous post. With that I would like to extend my gratitude to my fellow bloggers for the awe-inspiring support .=) As for my OOTD I finally settle for this dress I bought few weeks ago. It's the first time that I am able to wear it though. I really love it and considered it as one of those emergency clothes when I am running late.
Emergency - because this is a sort of dress that doesn't crease at all so ironing it is no longer necessary. 

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Geek is the New Sexy

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Video games... Computers... books... etc... Who cares? Geek is the New Sexy!
 I reeeeaaallly love my newly purchased Geek top and Renaissance art print bandage skirt (Ok actually bought it last night). 

The fact is that I’ve been looking for a statement top and a renaissance print skirt quite some time. And lucky me I finally have it!

For this look I wanted to integrate both sides - the geek and the sexy
What do you think?

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Make Every Moment Perfect

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Yesterday I went to the Social Security System to apply for my SSS ID. Its’ important that one have this since it’s one of the primary IDs use to identify your individuality.

I am not feeling very well yesterday since I am down with a flu or something but I wanted to finish everything so I could finally get hand of this ID. Making every moment perfect is a must. And what's the perfect way to do it? Wear something pretty!

For my outfit, I wanted to wear something comfortable so this Celine Paris top and red skater skirt gives the kick.

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Dreaming of Everlasting

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July 1st - Oh how time flies so fast you’ll never know it’s 2014 already! As much as I wanted to stay young forever it will only remain a lucid fantasy unless Damon Salvatore is real and I’ll exhort him a bite on my neck and drank from his blood proffering eternal youthfulness and life. Hahaha but again a mere fancy.

So today’s outfit I wanted to flaunt a touch of vintage and playfulness. Remember those 1800’s men and boys clothing? That is where I exactly took my inspiration for today’s outfit only that I opt to wear a high-waist scallop lace short instead of trousers. So What Do you Think?

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