D.I.Y Knotted Bow Back

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Last night I was having trouble sleeping again (sigh) so instead of lying in my bed doing nothing I decided to dig my cabinet for clothes I could revamp. Luckily I found this cheetah print top previously owned by my grandmother.

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PersunMall Summer Style International Giveaway - July

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Hello beautiful readers, good news!!! PERSUNMALL summer style international Giveaway-July is finally here!!!!. 

Persunmall prepared 9 pieces Clothing for winners to choose from... and for the bonus prize 

Persunmall prepared $100 gift card as a "LUCKY PRIZE" for the randomly picked winners

So everyone has the chance to win something! sounds amaziinnggg right?

Soo what are ya waiting for? 


1. Wings Heart Cotton VestSKU: FCBI00155
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8. Irregular Net Chiffon DressSKU: FXBI00209


(TAKE NOTE: Make sure you Meet/Follow all the required mechanics to be qualified)

1. Register at Persunmall 
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Winners will be announce on July 15, 2013

Winners will be notify via their email.. So be sure to check your email!!


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Photo Memoir: Life is Passing

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For this week’s photo memoir I decided to post something different not like the one I posted last week. Today I wanted to share my captured “Heavenly Skies” photos - I so called it.

The sky is something I always contemplate whenever I am in my solitary state. Somehow, it helps me realize the LIFE is something that should be lived wholly and not be taken for granted. How many of us had ever stop once in awhile and appreciate the things that surrounds us? I guess we are Always caught up in the labyrinth of a fast paced atmosphere that taking a Slow walk is not possible.

Life is ephemeral and we’ll never notice it. Sometimes I wish I have a magic jar where I could put all memories in it and watch it all over again when I grow old.  I don’t want to grow old having all regrets that I wasn’t able to enjoy life because I was too busy to even spare a moment for it.  I want to spare a moment to walk in a garden and smell the flowers, watch the sunset, and for once in my life jump off from a cliff and splash on the waters below it. 

I remember way back in high school when we were asked for lists down the things we wanna do before he hit 25 and 30 but me? I listed things I want to do before I die and those things I mention above are the things I really wanna do because those things are  free all it needs is TIME.

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When In Doubt Wear Pink

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You woke up every morning, stand in front your closet full of clothes and yet you have nothing to wear! Sounds familiar? Let’s admit it most of us experienced scenarios like that. To me it happens all the time I would literally   change one outfit to another until I would feel frustrated and end up wasting so much time.

Today is no different from any other day but I am just glad That the weather is freezing I am able to do some layering.  My mind is in constant insipidness I could not Think of mixing and matching colors anymore. So when in doubt wear PINK! 

I got this pink aztec Bustier Dress last year, it's actually the one I'm wearing in my blog header above =)
But obviously  it's way provocative wear on chilly days so I wore it over this white lace top I got last week.

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Photo Memoir (June 9-15)

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Nowadays we are getting more online, leaving all our candid thinking in the net forever.
When I started my first blog, the first thing that came to my mind is that I wanted to share my day by day life, not just in fashion but my daily thoughts as well. I wanted my blog to become my virtual diary. But more often life always gets me tied down that I could not blog often.

So a few weeks ago I finally came up with a solution- a project that I think is worth making and it's very stimulating; since I wanted to commemorate every good and bad thing that happened to me every day. (As years go by it will be very nice to look back at your past once in awhile and be able to see how you've done right? The memories will live on forever).

So I decided to create my new Category I called the Photo Memoirs.  Here I’ll be posting my everyday photos, those I collated from Monday- Saturday and at the end of the week (Saturday evening) I’ll be sharing it in one post.

Pictures can hold a thousand words more than anything! So it’s the best bat to start your very own virtual diary =)

How to get started:

  1.  Capture photos of your daily happening. (You can use mobile, digital camera or even your instagram photos)
  2. Tell the story behind the photo. Think of what is happening that moment, your thoughts, your feelings and where it was taken.
So here is my first week for my Photo Memoir:

Date: June 9-15

June 9 (Sunday) - Sunday is usually our bonding day with my family. Bought these new shoes. I think I am beginning to become a shoeaholic. I am hoping to own 500 pairs of shoes for this year (cross finger). Girls just cant have too many shoes I guess. I just can't resist them.

June 10 (Monday) - Captured this beautiful sunset on my way home from work. Kinda remind me that there is always a new day, a new beginning. And no matter how down you are today Life would still offer you a new day to start.  I have my dilemmas right now but I am very definite that in order for me to have a new beginning i need to end something first.

June 11 (Tuesday) - I wasn't able to capture my moment for this day. But these poem exactly define my feelings that day.

June 12 (Wednesday) - Today is holiday, the Philippines is celebrating its Independence Day. I took this chance to meet with some buyers of my online shop Vanita Sorella . I also want to take some time off from the things that is bothering me lately. Mc Donalds is one place I love to pig out it's always my comfort food whenever i get stress, sad, lonely or angry but today no amount of comfort food can comfort me.(sigh)

June 13 (Thursday) - I got this new vintage satchel bag. It's so me! I've been looking for a satchel just like this one. I am glad that I finally have one. A new bag can help me divert to new thoughts instead of slacking over negative emotions. 

June 14 (Friday) - This little pup had been my companion during my sleepless lonely nights for the past months. My sweepie never  fails to make me smile in her own simple puppy ways.  I love her and I will always love her. 

June 15 (Saturday) - a chocolate and nips coated melon ice cream perfect dessert for humid Sarturday. 

So there you have it =) I hope that you'll find this project interesting. feel free to make your own Photo Memoirs and share your links here =)


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Denim and Stripes

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So it’s finally rainy season here in the Philippines Yay! I honestly love the cold season over summer season. As I've mentioned before I could not stand the heat of the sun. So now that it’s finally heeerree I can finally do some layering and I can finally let my hair down =) so today for my OOTD I decided to be clad in stripe dress which I bought last weekend, Denim bolero and a stripe denim wedge to compliment both outfit. 

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Cymera Photo Editor Application for Smart Phones

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A few days ago I was thrilled with my newly found photo editor application for smart phones. I've been looking for the perfect mobile editor i could use to edit my OOTD since at times I'm using my mobile to take pictures and I was so delighted when I accidentally lurch it on Google Play.  Cymera is the best camera application it has everything you need, the effects are soo cool. And it offers an array of effects, modes, beauty effects, stickers etc.    

How cool is that ha?

and here's my own Cymera Edited photos of today's OOTD. I wanted a vintagey effect so this is what I came up with. So what do yo think? =)

for today's outfit I opted for the "grunge" look. I miss wearing that style I guess I miss my college fashion style that is lol. 

Don't you love this Vintage Skull Necklace?
 and yeah my newly bought ankle boots! I've been wishing to own one and I finally have it!

Dress: A  Gift
Necklace: Vanita Sorella
Bag: Sul-ob Moda
Boots: Cuervo

Don't forget to follow me via GFC and on my other SNS to stay updated on my latest discoveries =)

Yay, as you've seen I added a new category "Discoveries" a new feature I added to my blog. It will chronicle my latest -  of course discovery on almost anything.

Do you guys have any suggestions/recommendations on how I will improved my blog? feel free to share your thoughts =)

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How To Become A Successful Blogger

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I've been blogging for almost 2 years now and I know how tough it is to maintain a blog and it’s even tougher to draw in readers and get them to like it. With so many remarkable blogs out there it sometimes gets so intimidating that we come to think where to position our blog.  

Sometimes it gives me the twitch whenever I think that my blog wasn't that good at all, it makes me feel lost and less inspired. I spend days and even weeks to came up with a good post but to no avail.

I  love blogging and I know I just can’t give it up so during  the past months I've been assessing myself and my blogging behavior. What makes me inspired, and what makes me feel less stirred. I came up with these lists which I hope could also help you and get you motivated to keep blogging.

1. Blog what you love - Never ever force your self to blog something if you do not have the heart to blog it. Do not blog a topic simply because everybody is doing it, or simply because you need to blog something etc. etc. etc. because if you force yours self to write something you have no interest it will come out bland. what are the things that inspires you? what do you love to write? what is it in your heart that you want to share?  

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