Semi Formal Dresses

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Being a girl has its advantage; one is to be able to dress beautifully, we can choose over hundreds of different styles.  From street style to formal wear etc. etc. the choices never ends but the good part about today’s trend is that people can wear anything! You can even wear semi formal dresses and wear it as casual wears. 

I admit I have a thing for semi formal dresses, so today I was browsing on Persunmall looking for Semi Formal Dresses that could also be worn as casual wears or to be worn on romantic dates or dinners.

 Don't you just love this Sexy Lace Sweetheart A-Line Chiffon High Low
 dress? I think this one is perfect for a romantic dinner.

This Elegant Pleated One Shoulder Sheath Chiffon Little Black Dress is just soo cute and sassy

And this Chiffon One Shoulder Ruching Column Beige dress, i swear i could even wear it to wok over a blazer 

And this Beaded Strapless A-Line Tulle Cocktail Dress is simply adorable!

Well, which one do you like most? But be sure to check Persunmall to see more  Semi Formal Dresses


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Featured Fashionista for the Month of May

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It’s been awhile since my last featured fashionista well today I am featuring my favorite fashionista and fellow online seller Ms. Monica Bucoy.

One thing I really loved about today is the fact that you can find inspiration from almost anywhere around the world, thanks to the social Medias and fashion lover people. Now, we don’t really have to rely on fashion magazines alone. Agree?

So Today I've chosen my dear friend and favorite Seller Ms. Monica because I really love her fashion style.   Her online shop Etrechick Closet had become one of my trusted and loved online shops. With all those online scammers out there it's really hard to trust online shopping anymore but with Etrechick Closet you can be assured that what you see is what you'll get. Believe me because I have experienced getting scammed online and I do have my list of NO-NO online shops.

So let's get to know my featured fashionista for this month of May 

Name: Monica Bucoy
Age: 29
Occupation: Beauty Consultant, Online Seller, Make Up Artist
Online Shop: Etrechick Closet

Monica: I am not so particular about brands i just let my feet take me where beautiful clothes 

 Fashion Style? swag, corporate, trendy and colorful i love colors i love to mix and match whatever i have in my closet

Than you Sis Monica =)

Don't forget to Check out her online shop on facebook Etrechick Closet

and remember:

Are you a fashionista and wants to be featured on my blog? feel free to email me at

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Celine Paris Top

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I’ve been dying to own a Celine Paris top. I mean it’s the new trend in the blogosphere world, a must have in every fashion blogger. When I first saw it in the blogging community I know I have to have it. I am not a fan of T-shirts but the Celine Paris Top is just too cute to ignore. It brought a new  spin on T-shirts.

It took me months before I finally have my own top. I've been hunting online shops, Thrift Stores, etc but I think it’s just too rare that I can’t find it elsewhere here in the Philippines. Though I've considered buying on international online shops, but of course, shipping cost is way too pricey. 

So imagine my joy when I saw it on one of our local Thrift store. I was on my weekend hunting spree last week when I saw a Sale signage on this thrift store. (Yeah, I’m really good in spotting sale signs) and being a weakling on shopping I allowed myself to be lured inside the store.  I headed toward the top and bottoms section since I’m planning to gorge on both. (A change of wardrobe that is, I had too many dresses already) and the first top my hand set on is this Celine Paris Top. It’s like my eyeball pop out of its socket, a dream come true. Hahaha 

so for the OOTD I decided to pair it with my sheer tutu skirt for a grunge look. The climate is still too hot to settle on pants although I'm working on that in preparation for the rainy season which I'am really praying to roll up now.  

Top: Celine Paris
Tutu Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Valentino
Sandals: Ipanema
Owl Bracelet: Vanita Sorella

What do you think? =) Feel free to share your thoughts and blog Links 

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Sunny Yellow Skater Dress

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Few more weeks and it’s going to be Rainy Season again yay! I actually love it and just this morning it's raining very hard, one reason why I woke up late. It's always very nice to curl up in bed when it's cold. But, for a working girl like me I have to drag myself out of bed.

Anyway, I decided to wear this dress to brighten a gloomy day. I recently got this from an online shop Missy Beautique and I love the yellow and black combination kinda remind me of a picture I saw few weeks ago of Taylor Swift and Jacky O. What Do you think? 

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Look for Less: Vintage Romper and Fedora

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If you were to ask me what my favorite TV show is I would certainly say “Look for Less” It’s never a secret that I've always been a thrifty shopper. True that it’s really very nice to be fashionable and be able to splurge over posh items just like your favorite celebrity. But unfortunately not all of us have the mullah to splurge on designer items… But moreover that’s not how it should be in Fashion because the real challenge is finding your style in the most resourceful and less expensive way.

So today, my inspiration is vintage I really adore rompers and fedora together it’s so cute and classic. 

My Inspiration:

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Vintage Jewelries Giveaway (Open Internationally) (CLOSED)

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 Lately, I have a thing for skull prints or any skull designs. I always have that exhilaration over peculiar stuffs.  I guess one way or another eccentric stuff is really alluring.

I recently got this Bodycon skull print dress to sell for my online shop Vanita Sorella but I just couldn't resist the prints that I got tempted to buy 1 for myself. =) And I'm not disappointed, the spandex materials makes it  so comfortable wear, at least I am able to suggest it to some buyers. 

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Versatile Blogger Awardee

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It seems like yesterday when I was thinking about the awards I received for my blog last year and last night i never expected to received an email from Earl of Fashionista Files saying that my blog was nominated for Versatile Blogger Award. The 2nd VBA award I received and it's such a touchie that I never expected that someone would love reading my blog and that it does inspires them. Honestly, I sometimes felt that my blog is soo bland and I keep thinking of what spices needed to infuse it but since I am always caught up with work and online business I barely had time to remake it. So, thank you Earl for inspiring me to continue blogging =)

So the Versatile Blogger Rules:

The Rules
1. Firstly you are to thank the person who nominated you.
2. On your post, include a link to their blog.
3. Select 15 blogs you´ve recently discovered or follow regularly
4. Nominate those Bloggers for the Versatile Award! leave a link on their page and comment on their latest post to let them know
they’ve been nominated. (You cannot nominate someone you’ve already nominated)
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

My Nominees:
There you have it... And Much thanks to Earl for nominating me

Kisses Nana

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Wake Me Up When Summer Ends

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I don’t know why but I’m just the type of person who never has a thing for summer probably because of the fact that summer in the Philippines is scorching hot. I keep on wishing for rainy season to come, guess I am more of a froggy person “I’m only happy when it rains” lol. 

Seriously talking, I really miss letting my hair down I couldn’t really do that at this time of year for I couldn’t stand the blazing heat. So every day I made it a habit to tie my hair up in a bun or any hair style that will keep my hair away from my nape.

Today I sported for a classic vintage look. I Love the dress which I bought from a thrift store it's very comfortable and not too searing for summer and it's more appropriate to wear a dress to work. What do you think? 

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Good Luck

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