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Yesterday my sisters and I had this photo shoot over at a friend’s house. We were blessed with a humid afternoon which I think is more consoling than having to bask under the scorching heat of the summer sun. I am the sort of person who would retreat and caved inside the house rather the trotting over summer jaunts.

I opted for an Androgynous look; I always find this kind of style as sexy right?. And recently I’m trying to experiment with different style rather than sticking to girly dresses alone.

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Wishful Dreams

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When I was a little girl I dream of turning into one my favorite fairy tale princess.  Having been completely introduced in the dreamy world of fairy tales by my mom and aunt who never fail to delight us with complete collections of fairy tale books, movies and toys.   

This is what my OOTD signifies I feel like the modern snow white. what do you think? 

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Blue and White

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I fancy the diamond checkered top it reminds me of the Red Queen in Alice in the Wonderland only that the color is not red and black. Quaint patterns always entice me I always find it numinous and baffling and fun of course =) What do you think? 

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Back to Classic

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I bought this dress yesterday from a thrift store and even though I am not a fan of long dresses I still bought it for I completely fell in love with it. The flowy skirt, the polka dot, the Peterpan collar is just so classic.

This is actually the first long dress I get to wear prolly because I am a pixie size and I always felt that long dresses makes me look even shorter. What do you think? =)

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Beautiful Moments

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Nothing is more beautiful than turning ordinary moments into something beautiful. 

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Be Real Not Perfect

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It is an irony of life where everyone expects every soul to be perfect in every way. Perfection has become a gradual desire in every human being. It becomes so intense that at times one can’t determine what’s real and what’s not anymore. People have lost their sense of reality, their uniqueness and their love for one’s self. Every girl desires to be like the perfect cover girl, etc. 

I would never deny the fact that I have aspired for perfection. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect skin, and perfect life.  But in the end it became disappointing when none of it was attained. So, today I'am embracing the imperfection in me. So who cares if i sometimes get frizzy-dry hair, undying eye bags and bloated tummy what is important is I get the chance to wake up everyday and savor life itself. =)

                                        For my OOTD I opted for a classic with a modern twist.. 

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Vanita Sorella + A Not So Secret Life April Giveaway (Open Internationally)

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In collaboration with my online shop VANITA SORELLA   I'm giving away these cute candy cosmetics from my favorite brand "Allue".. Open Internationally 

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Months ago my boyfriend is urging me to try to learn how to use the "Photoshop" but I keep rejecting his exhorts because I really find Photoshop so difficult to learn or simply because I’m not really interested to learn. But in the end I decided to at least give it a try and see if I could get it through my brain. To make everything short i really find Photo shop so interesting to learn! it amaze me.=)

 So here's my first attempt in Photoshop not really that perfect. I definitely and still have a long way to learn LOL.. But I'm just glad,  that,  well at some point my masterpiece came out not so blahh. 

So okeyyy my first lesson in Photoshop (thank you boyfriend for the coaching) is how to change your photo background by incorporating 2 photos into one. 

I decided to experiment with my OOTD photos, chose the background graffiti ... I definitely love graffiti, the splashes of different hues - i find it whimsical and fun. And not to mention that it agrees with my outfit of the day =)) Lol what do you think?

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Pastels in Summer

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Now that summer time has just commenced here in the Philippines. It’s time to say hello to creamy pastel colors. Pastels can rally round your way out of the scorching heat of the sun. Its vibrant pops of color do compliments the warm temperature and your summer sun kissed skin.

I got this pastel peplum top from a thrift store 2 weeks ago I really heart the peachy color and the puffy sleeves. I decided to wear it over my creamy lace short and accessorized it with a pearl necklace for a more girly look. what do you think? =)

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