Happy Travel To: Mila's Hill

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The Holy Week or Semana Santa is one of the significant religious holidays observed in the Philippines. It begins on Maundy Thursday and ended on Easter Sunday. During this time of week where businesses would shut down and people would celebrate and follow their own traditions. To some it’s the time of the year where they can finally get the opportunity to travel with families and quietly celebrated the Holy week.

Yesterday my Family and I decided to spend our Maundy Thursday on Mila’s Hill, an inland resort situated in a tranquil area of New Lucena. A perfect place to relax and get in touch with nature. They also offer different activities for affordable prices such as Horseback Riding for only Php 50.00, or go splash in their pool for only 75 pesos, soar up in the sky with their zip line for only Php 100.00 or simply go interact with their animals.

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Birthday Dinner @ PUNOT Restaurant

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Last Night my cousin celebrated her birthday at PUNOT Restaurant
located at Esplanade Boardwalk, Diversion Road Iloilo City The resto has a delightful ambiance , the food is really delicious and yet very affordable. PUNOT Restaurant offers a variety of modern Iloilo Dishes. 
And  I can definitely  say I had a scrumptious dinner.

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Black and Pink Polka Dots

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Summer  in the Philippines is really HOT! so choosing the perfect clothes can be tricky
besides I just can't wear summer outfits to work.
Lucky me my cousin who just came home from Japan got me this dress.
It's very trendy and made of light fabric.
I wanted to look trendy but at the same time not overload my self with accessories. 
I don't really like wearing too much accessories when it's really hot so a simple ring and necklace is 
all I wore and 2 simple hairpins to tuck my hair.

What do you think of my look? =)

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Vintage and Aztec Prints

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I really love vintage dresses.. Wearing it makes me feel so girly. Just like the one I'am wearing below the color and the prints are just so nice . It's very simple but very comfortable. Also perfect for casual summer stroll.

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Florals on Florals

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Today I'm really down with fever but i feel so guilty that i haven't blog
for quite a long time now. But i was definitely caught  up between my work,
my only business Vanita Sorella and niece's upcoming birthday. Most of the time i felt like i' am already
abusing my self, forgetting that sometimes i need to take a rest too.

Life tends to be so busy for me... But today i really took some time to give my self a little
serenity. And nothing is more peaceful than surrounding your self with beautiful things =)

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Shades of Black and Pink

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I always love the color coordination of Black and Pink. A touch of femininity and a touch of mystery. I bought these skirt days ago but never actually found the perfect top to pair it with and only last Monday when I got this black tank top that I decided to finally wear it. I’m always the girly girly dresser so a stroke of florals also added to the girlish look.

What Do you think?

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My Shoe Design: Periwinkle Studs

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Last January I joined the Shoeniverse Shoe design contest in collaboration with UpperStreet London.
wherein each contestant will design a shoe and the winner will get the chance to own her own
shoe creation. I won that Contest! (Thanks to my facebook friends) and yesterday i finally received
the actual shoes!!!! no words could really described how i felt yesterday it was so overwhelming to see your own design come to reality!!! my hands are trembling while unwrapping the package! and my heart is bursting with happiness when right before my eyes is the shoes i designed! 
I felt like a little kid who just got her dreamed toy or a treasure hunter who just happened 
to unearthed a long lost treasure! I felt like crying.. lol 

I am so thankful for Shoeniverse for the opportunity and to UpperStreet for such a wonderful job in creating my shoes and for the beautiful freebies they gave to me. The hand written note, Gel pads, Key Chain and the Shoelover book it's  such a surprise. I loooooove Them all.

I can't wait to wear it!

This is the design i created last January

And Ta Da!!! the Acutal Shoes!!!!!

ahhhhhh Honestly i still Can't get over it until now. I'm sooooo Happy... 

what do you think of my shoe design?


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Tips for a successful Garage Sale

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Today I had my first ever Garage sale, although I've been selling online for months now this is actually
the first time i decided to hold a garage sale.  I am very hesitant at first because i know it would be
a lot of work, knowing i have to arrange this and that but we the help of my family i was able
to deliver it all. 

I could not really say that i had the best and successful garage sale. My sales wasn't that high at all (well except for my 7 yrs old niece who made a lot of money selling her pre-loved clothes too lol)  after all it was my first time to hold one and i admit that i wasn't able to plan it ahead but nevertheless I'm still happy that i was able to make it.

Here are 5 things i learned from my garage sale today:

1. Plan ahead 
2. Try to have a joint garage sale - the more the merrier
3. Advertise - though online, posters, flyers etc.
4. Everyone loves a freebie - yeah because i do too =) so try giving your customers
something they can bring home for free. =)
5. Allow Haggling 

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