Random Daily Looks

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As much as I wanted to daily blog my everyday look i just couldn't find enough time to do it. Juggling my time between work and my online shop can really be strenuous and that sometimes all my energy are sapped that I would simply slug on my bed at night.

so here are my daily looks from last week and this week which  i snapped on my mobile on my way to work.

As I've mention before I am more of a dress person, majority of my clothes consists of dresses.
My style would often be pass as a girly-girly style. I really love laces, florals, tulles, pearls and polka dots.

What do you think? =)

Day 1: Greek Inspired Dress... the breeze is just perfect for the dress.

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Dinagyang Festival 2013

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Dinagyang Festival is one of many renowned festival celebrated in the Philippines. It is celebrated every 4th Sunday of January.  My kins and I had a great time celebrating it.

So what’s Dinagyang Festival all about?  Dinagyang Festival is actually a religious thanksgiving festivity in honor of Senyor Sto. Nino – Child Jesus. During the fête the streets of Iloilo (where I lived.. Lucky me ) is filled with local residents and tourists. In the morning there is a Dinagyang Dance Showdown (which is the main highlight of Dinagyang Festival) wherein different tribes with warriors in colorful and feisty costumes dance in impressive dance routine. And in the afternoon the streets are jam packed with people eating on food fest or simply partying on the streets. The party usually last until 12 midnight or even until dawn.

Here's a You Tube video of one of the tribes performing their dance Dinagang Festival Video

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Sister Style: Mullet Dress

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Today I'am featuring my little sister Curtny wearing a mullet dress for our online shop Vanita Sorella. I think having a sister is nice especially if they are also into fashion, sharing the same interests and raiding each others closet can really be fun though sometimes... well.... frustrating lol.  

Sheer Mullet dress are very elegant and classic. Always gives a feminine touch
what do you think? =)

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Be Fashionably You

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In today’s society to become fashionably YOU can be tough, distinguishing your very own style over different flairs can be overwhelming.
And sometimes there is a need for you to be "IN" with the latest fashion in order to be considered as fashionable.

But if there is one thing I have learned from being a blogger is that being fashionable doesn't really mean being "In" and having to "Splurge" with the latest craze, but rather for me being fashionable is being able to express your "OWN SELF" in  a way that is Uniquely "YOU

Agree or Not? share your thoughts on the comment 
box =) don't forget to leave your blog links =)

Vintage Dress: Thrifted
Wedge: Gift
Shades: Rayban


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Chilly Days

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In the Philippines January is the month of the year that is colder than December and one thing I love about it is that I get to wear my sweater, cardigans, blazers etc and I get to do some layering.

Black is my favorite color when it gets colder I dunno it’s just that I feel warmer wearing that color and besides nothing could go wrong with black!

So today I sported on a black bodycon ruched dress over a black leggings and a plaid blazer. I really feel warm wearing this outfit since I am having a slight fever too. But Monday is a busy day on work so I need to get myself working. Good thing green teas can be a soothing tonic.

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A Shoeniverse Shoe Design Competition

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I am very happy and so excited while doing this blog, I just can't explain what I'm feeling right now. Definitely my morning just came out soooo great when Shoeniverse sent me a private message on facebook declaring that i was the winner of the Shoeniverse Shoe Design Contest!

You might wonder what I'am talking about so just to give you guys a brief background of what I'am talking about lol.... When Shoeniverse releases its blog about a shoe contest design in collaboration with Upper Street London 2 weeks ago i never had a second thought joining the said contest since the winner will get the chance to win her own shoe design! and  being a shoe lover my self  it's really an honor and opportunity to wear your own creation! right? so there i started creating my own dream shoes and called it "Periwinkle Studs", submitted it, made it to the Top 10 and asked my friends to like it.... It was a really fun and competitive competition since all designs that made it to the Top 10 were all beautiful!

I am so thankful to all my friends and those who voted for my design... Thank you soo much... =) And of course to Shoeniverse and Upper Street for this beautiful contest =)

I Can't wait to receive my shoes and wear it!

Don't Forget to Like Shoeniverse on  Facebook and Upper Street on  Facebook
You'll never know when they're going to have another Shoe Design Contest!



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Get The Most Out of Life

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Have you ever ponder how you would spent you entire year? If you would do something productive? I always had these thoughts. I have this nostalgic fear that I might just waste my life and eventually when I grow old I would have nothing worthwhile to share.

So how can one possibly get the most out of life?  I did some random list on things that I thought could help me transform my life I and make the most of it

Think Life as an adventure – according to William Feather “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”. Meaning get excited on every waking morning, write everything that gets you excited and happy.

Create your Project Life Scrap Book – I am working on this one at the moment and it’s really worth it. Capturing your everyday moment and immortalizing them through photos and scrap book could help you track how you’d live your life. For more info about what is “Project Life” is check it out HERE <3… It’s really Fun..

Embrace each day – Allow everything and anything that comes your way. Everything happens for a reason and no man should put asunder whatever God has bound together. Embrace each day like it’s your last day.

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This is the First time that I have worn a leopard print leggings at first I am very hesitant to wear something such as this because I am not really sure if it would look good on me but the Philippines is experiencing another cold weather so I need to wear something that could hide my legs. well, I dunno...what do you think? =)

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The Ultimate Pink Collection Giveaway - Open Internationally

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I am so excited to reveal my first giveaway for 2013 and courtesy of course of my online shop Vanita Sorella  and having reached 500 followers on GFC yay  so thank you=).  The good good part is this is Open Internationally and 1 lucky winner will be chosen to stash all these freebies. 

I decided to call this The Ultimate Pink Collection because being a certified pinky I decided to splurge on every pink accessories I could find. (sorry pink haters) 

Giveaway Includes:

1 stack up bangles
1 spikey ring
1 thin plated necklace
1 spikey headband
1 ribbon headband
1 bow hairclip
1  set dangling butterfly earrings
1 set  anchor away earrings
1 floral pearls bracelet
1 Cellphone chain/dust stopper


You can enter using the Rafflecopter below. Winner will  be picked via Rafflecopter and will be notified via their Email

a Rafflecopter giveaway FAQ:
Do I need to have a blogger account to follow via GFC?
 - No, you can follow using your email address (Yahoo or Gmail) and or Twitter account

This Giveaway will end on FEB. 28, 2013

Thank You and Good luck

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Does Age Exist in Fashion?

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Does age really matter in fashion? Does one really need to wear something appropriate for his/her age? This thought really bugs me for quite some time. Being a great lover of fashion getting older every year can really be distressing. In Some way, I have these thoughts that sooner or later I would eventually let go of tutu dresses, frilly bobby socks and baby doll dresses. But then again I resolutely deem that age does not really exist in fashion as long as you look good, feel good and confident with what you are wearing then go for it. Life is much sweeter if you are happy with what you are wearing.

 A.M -  Today I decided to don on something with green since green is the color of the year in 2013 fashion.

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A Fresh New Start

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My first outfit post for the year 2013 I wanted something fresh that would go along the New Year so I came up with this floral sheer dress. I know my day would be busy since it’s also the first day of work after a few days of vacation.  I haven’t bought my 2013 planner yet (such a sady) so all stuffs are cluttered and squeezed inside my mind. Hooo finding the perfect planner for me is really hard and struggling between work and my online store is even tougher.  So a floral touch can enlighten a busy mood.

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Endings and Beginnings - Hello 2013

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Another year has ended and another yet to unfold, my 2012 was full of both blissful and poignant memories but all are worth remembering and all lessons are worth learning.

So, as I move on on my next journey towards life I wanted to assess all the beautiful moments I had on year 2012 and here they are:

  • My blog earned random awards like 3 Liebster Award, Sisterhood of the World’s Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award
  • My looks got feature on Enstyle twice and made it to their hot looks and hall of fame,  got 260+ votes on my 1 look at Chictopia that got me  a space on their hot looks and trending looks.
  • I got featured on ROXALNE and even won their  Inspirafashion Photo Contest
  • I got Featured on Better Blogger Network
  • Met Christine of Beyoutiful Hope and started a new friendship that also gave birth to Bloggers Against Social injustice
  • I have new sisters and brother through Bloggers against Social injustice. 
  • I have come across beautiful and inspiring blogs.
  • Open my own online shop – and I am very happy with the results =)
  • I am very glad and happy for all the beautiful readers and comments. 
  • Family and Friends who have supported me all throughout the year.

and the lessons worth sharing: 

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My 3rd Liebster Award

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My 3rd Liebster award for this year =) thank you Aisha of GFF Fashion such an enlightenment  to think  that before the year ends my blog grabbed an award =)

So as the Liebster's Rule I have to answer Aisha's questions and then nominate my own Favorite blog...

 1. Which celebrity inspires your style?
     * Vanessa Hudgens I really love her laid back, sophisticated, bohemian fashion. 

     * Blair Waldorf - Classic, feminine and sassy 

2. Who's your favorite designer?
  * I am a big fan of Anna Sui I really love the playfulness in her designs.
 3 . Which store do you love the most?
    * I love online shopping and i do have a few favorite one of them is Etrechick Closet where i      usually buy most of my clothes.

4. In terms of fitness routines, what do you prefer doing? (yoga, gym, pilates...etc)
* probably yoga
5. What is 1 unique feature about your blog?
   *it's a collaboration of my 2 passion - fashion and writing

6. Whats your favorite beauty and fashion magazine?
   * Japanese Magazine - Vivi Magazine. I love Japanese Fashion and not to mention I am a big fan of Model Lena Fujii

7. What's the accessory of your choice?
 * Necklaces

8. Do you like to dance? Do you take classes? Which dance?
*Not Really lol but maybe ballet 

9. Do you play a musical instrument? Which one?
* Piano

10. What do you usually do on Saturday nights?
*Just net surfing 

11. Whats the best movie all time in your opinion?
* Les Miserables, Phantom of the opera always my favorite =)

Drumroll..... My nominees are :

Beyoutiful Hope
Ponder Wonders
Style Societe
Cassie Thriftier
Back to Five
Well Living Blog
The Eccentric Manifesto
Menemonic Reveries

And the questions: =)

1.  What's one thing you love most about blogging?
2.  What is your current obsession?
3.  Who is your Style Icon?
4.  What advice would you give a fellow blogger?
5.  How will you associate blogging into your daily life?
6. What are your stress busters?
7. Which style icons of the past do you prefer? Why?
8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
9. If you were given a chance to choose a career what would you like to be doing?
10. What makes you nervous?
11. When are your happiest moment?

There you have it and oh to my nominees don't forget to send me your like. Really love to know your answers =))


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