Dear Ex

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Hello Readers as you can see this is waaayyy different from my usual blog post. Eventhoug it is not my thing to publicly open my private sentiments but I decided to immortalized my private thoughts through my blog. And this is the first of it. Happy Reading ;)

Dear Ex, 

Every now and then I still think about you. The memories just kept flooding back. But it wasn't that painful anymore. In fact it made me smile, I feel so proud that I was able to endure to tell the tale of you and me. Remember how you put me a lot of pain and tears? And yeah we use to say to each other what we both have is a total misery. But funny how I deliberately succumb to a hopeless love that it even took me years to comprehend.

I won't deny the fact that we too have good times together but if I were to balance those good times against our dreadful moments over a scale, well, you can be sure that the bad times weigh heavier than the best. I guess I failed to contemplate the verity in our relationship - Giving you everything you needed and I left nothing for myself. I loved you so much, depended on you so much which made me vulnerable to pain. I was blinded by your insincere promises. And I Keep Hoping that every morning will be different from yesterday. But dear Ex you took away the very happiness in me, the light and the flame. You put me in a corner drifted with shadows, alone and wounded. 

I thought that my suffering is a never ending labyrinth but God do works in puzzling ways. Those questions i used to ask that were never answered is much clearer now. God put you in my life for a reason and that reason is to teach me lessons that made me the strongest and wisest person that I am today.
Now, I am a person capable of giving selfless love without leaving something for myself. I learned that a relationship shouldn't be a one way street

There must be balance in everything and  In order for a relationship to work, 2 people must exert their effort to make it work. No one can dance an absolute Tango alone, two heads are better than one as they say.

 Second, I learn to embrace life even more- holding back myself on something that will make me happy because of love is a huge mistake. We do not have a lifetime to fulfill our dreams and wasting every second on incompetent relationship is a total waste of time. Regrets is the hardest to live with, so i learned to be wise and endow my time on the right people and on the right circumstances. 

I am happy now, I have found the person who showed me love you never gave me.  Now you see my dear Ex? I am no longer the weakling you thought i was and i owe everything to you. With this Thank you.

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  1. This is so meaningful (: x it really helped me a lot as I am kind of in the moving on phase now. (: Do you mind if we follow each other ? Do let me know on my blog (:

  2. Great post ;)

  3. love this post and your blog!

  4. this is a fantastic post! i know a few people who can stand to read those 12 signs. break ups are hard, but sometimes they are so necessary.

    p.s. thanks for suggesting that we follow each other. i am now following you and i look forward to you following me back :)

  5. Yes, of course we can follow each other. I am already ready and now's your turn :):)

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  6. Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
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  7. THats a great read! love to read somethng like ths again from ur blog mwahugzz!