Charm Bracelet Giveaway

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My sister and I recently opened our own on-line shop called Vanita Sorella with this I am giving away 1 charm bracelet for 1 lucky reader. Joining is very easy so good luck =)


1. Like Vanita Sorella on Facebook
2. Like A Not So Secret Life on Facebook
3. Follow  this blog via GFC Follow Here make sure you follow publicly. (you can use either your g-mail or yahoo email to sign in)
4. Comment on your facebook wall " I Just joined A Not So Secret Life Charm Bracelet Giveaway"  make sure you post it publicly.

What to leave on the comment box:

1. Full Name
2. Facebook Post Link

Winners will be announce on November 19, 2012

thank you and good luck =)

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Online Shopping - The New Trend

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There is no qualm that online shopping has become the number one phenomenon all over the world. with just one click of your mouse you can assured with the expediency and easiness it can provide at the convenience of your home.

Nowadays you can find online stores that can gratify your personal needs and for most people who are inclined to fashion, finding the perfect online fashion store can be tricky.

That is why made sure that they can keep up with the changing trends. They offer a wide variety of clothes from Women's Wear , Men's WearAccesories and many more. made sure that they offer goes well with everyone's taste in fashion whether it is casual or formal.

Grey Middle Sleeve Fashion Slim Fitting Casual Cotton Men Hoodie

White Lace And Cotton Long Sleeve Back Zipper Women Sexy One Size Shirt

Silver Leaves Necklace

Yellow Belted Pleating Tank Round Neck Fitting Dress

Grey Cotton Lapel Double-Breasted Women Irregular Short One Size Jacket
Another thing is much cheaper compare to regular shopping because they offer discount prices and coupons you can be sure to experience affordable shopping spree.

Don't you just love the clothes? So next time you decide to go online splurging don't forget to check out and believe me you'll find so many adorable and cute outfit there. 

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Happy Halloween

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Halloween is coming and I'm getting excited prolly because I had so much planned activities for my little niece who in her 7 yrs. of existence hasn’t experience doing a trick or treating. We both have so much fun looking for her costume to wear this coming Halloween.  She is also becoming fidgety and agitated counting and marking down the days from the calendar and asking  lots of questions about Halloween. 

So what is Halloween and how did it derived its name? The word Hallow means Holy and een literally means eve and usually refers to the night of Oct. 31 which is considered as the spookiest day of the year.

I also did a little Google exploration and hit upon these fun facts =) 

  1. Halloween has several different names: All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Hallowtide, The Feast of The Dead, All Saints Eve, El Dia De Los Muertos ( Da of the Dead)
  2. Halloween celebrations date back 2000 years ago as traditional pagan celebration
  3. The tradition of wearing a mask are intended to keep the spirits of the dead from recognizing the living.
  4. Orange and Black are the traditional colors of Halloween. Orange represents fall harvest and black represents the darkness.
  5. Black cats once believe to be a witch's subordinates protecting its master's black magic. 

here is a casual outfit you can wear on Halloween I love the skull detail of the top What do you think? =)

Shorts: Thrifted


How about you guys what are your plans this coming Halloween? Share you thoughts and blog links. Want to follow each other? Feel free to leave your comments.

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Dainty in Pink

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I am more of a dainty, sweet and romantic dresser. I love floral, laces, ruffles and everything that is girly.  That is why I super love this pink dress I am wearing.  I personally think this is a nice and perfect dress to go on a casual, romantic date with my boyfriend and the blazer is just perfect when the weather turns wintry. (Philippine weather is really unpredictable so it is better to be safe than sorry lol)

Dress: Tagged Iloilo
Blazer: TaGGed Iloilo

How about you what kind of a dresser are you? share your thoughts and your blog links. =)

Have A Happy Week =)

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Power of Pink ( Reasons why i love being a girl)

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The color pink always represents us girls that is why i love wearing pink because i really feel feminine in it.

With this i also came up with list or reasons why being a girl is more awesome:
  1. Girl's can wear boys clothes - we can wear pants but boys can't wear skirts.
  2. Girl's can practically get away from almost anything
  3. Girl's life has more variety especially when it comes to fashion. We can wear skirt one day then pants or shorts the next day.
  4. Girls can wear any color and still look good in it
  5. Girls have many choices. More choices in dress, shoes, accessories etc. 
  6. We can cry in public without being called weak
  7. We can hold hands with our girl friends and look cute. Men can't hold hands with their guy friends without getting any suspicion of being accused as gay.  =)
  8. Girls can tolerate extreme pain. Cry but can still manage to smile.

This is the second photo from my photoshoot with TaGGed Iloilo

Dress: Pink Peplum - TaGGed Iloilo
Headband: Shop and Mix
Floral Shoes: Thrifted

Fashion Tip: Try to wear different shades of Pink

What are the reasons why you love being a girl? Share your thoughts and leave your blog link =)

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Take My Blues Away

8:34 PM Nana Jover 14 Comments

As I've mention previously i did a photo shoot with a fashion shop TaGGed Iloilo and here is the first photo that I'm gonna share with you.

I personally love the dress because i feel like Little Bo Peep in it. Don't you think so?

Dress: TaGGed Iloilo
Neckalce: TaGGed Iloilo
Shoes: Fairy Tale
Shades: Baclaran

You can check their Facebook Page for affordable clothes and other fashion stuffs . (My photo shoot is due to be release next week and i assure you the clothes are sooooo adorable) so be sure to like their Facebook Page to get the first update on the prices.. =)

Love to hear your thoughts? what do you think of the dress? 

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A Sneak Peek: Photo Shoot with TaGGed Iloilo Shop

4:22 PM Nana Jover 3 Comments

Last Wednesday i did a photo shoot with a fashion shop called TaGGed Iloilo. I am very excited because this was my first real photo shoot with a fashion shop. Besides i really love the clothes they are selling and not to mention that it is very affordable.

So here's a sneak peak of their shop and the photo shoot. (My pictures is not yet available on there facebook page till next week) but sure gonna share it once it's out =))

Be sure to stay updated  for new fashion stuffs offered by Tagged Iloilo by liking their Facebook Page TaGGed Iloilo.... =)

Pls. Don't forget to share your thoughts and blog links =)

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Howdy Rodeo

11:15 AM Nana Jover 2 Comments

I recently attended my nephew's 1st Bday. It was a rodeo inspired birthday. Here are some of the photos i captured that day.

Birthday Boy

The Loot Bags 

My Sister wearing a High Waist Denim Short, Gold Collared Necklace and wedge from Zalora

My nice in her own version of Rodeo Outfit
Top: Rampage
Pants: Levis
Ballet Flats: MSE
Necklace: A gift

i personally love the necklace because of its unique look.

Share your thoughts and your blog link
Have a nice week everyone =)

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The Sisterhood Bloggers Award

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My third award for this year thanks to Selma of  Meteo Beauty for choosing me. Receiving an award is really an honor for a blogger and i am always grateful and happy every time  i received one. So thank you Selma for including me in your list.

So what is the Sisterhood Bloggers award?:

Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  • All recipients need to thank the giver
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog
7 Random Things About Me:
  1. I love dogs
  2. I'm now addicted to shoes
  3. I'm a Thrifty shopaholic
  4. I have large collections of all sorts of stuffs dolls, stamps, pocketbooks, magazines, accessories, etc. etc. etc.
  5. I'm a member of BASI a group of bloggers from around the world united to make a stand against Social Injustice. And I love being in it.
  6. I cry over sad movies
  7. I love chocolates but not chocolate cake
And My Nominees:

These are blogs i really love reading

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Something to Smile

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No matter how complicated our day seems to be God will always give us something to smile about. I got a whole week to smile and you might wonder why.. Well to list it down:

  • I got 260+ votes on my photo in Chictopia for just a day which also earned me a space in their "Top This Week Look" and "Trending Looks"

  • 2 of my Photos also made it on Enstyle "Hot Looks" and "Hall of Fame"

  •  I won the Get Inspired and be the Inspiration  Photo Contest initiated by ROXALNE and earned the "Inspiration Star" title  ( I really like the sound of it lol) .. A whole bunch of gratitude to those who have helped me obtained likes on my photo =)
and lastly  Better Blogger Network will feature me for a week in their "Member Spotlight"  starting Oct. 05, 2012... I'm really looking forward on this one and oh feel free to do a sneak peek on my interview there lol.

You might wonder why i am so thrilled with this, well for bloggers it's really an honor to get featured on online communities to think that you have to compete over hundreds or even thousands of bloggers from around the world, so getting chosen is really heart warming and inspiring. =)

There's always a time for every blogger so don't lose the hope and spark. Always remember to do the things that really motivates you and get you inspired.  =)

Much Love <3
Share your thoughts and your blog links on the comment box =)
i love to know your thoughts... xoxo

If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  ~Flavia Weedn

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