What's My Purpose?

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There are times when you wake up one morning and you just felt so blank and it seems everything has just  stop revolving, like you are stuck inside a small box and you tend to ask yourself “What’s My Purpose?”

Just this morning I felt that way I have this gnawing eagerness to do something different. Something more “Functional”, I felt like I’m losing my purpose. I turn to a friend to whine and she gave me this wonderful advice. I really love it so I wanted to share it.
1.       Start Setting Your Dreams – You will never know where to go unless you plot your destination.
2.       Put your dreams into action – Don’t let your dreams remain a dream.
3.       Synchronize with the inner you – Do the things you love and the things that make you happy.
4.       Know what you really want – If you know what you really want you will be able to see every opportunity that comes your way.
5.       Eliminate – get rid of something that is not linked or won’t help you in fulfill your purpose.
6.       Keep Track – Keep a purpose journal so you’ll know your accomplishments and to be inspired (yeah I’m making one of this and sure gonna share it once I’m done making it)
Simple words but it did enlighten and inspire me in many ways =) hope it will motivate you too =)  

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Young at Heart

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Age is just a number we sometimes heard people say this but I used to think that growing old is like a scary route probably because I’m scared of growing old myself I always have this perception that if I grow old people would also expect more on me. I admit that I don’t act like my age. I still like to run in the rain, I still love paper dolls and still love to wear dolly clothes but it’s life’s fact that we need to grow old whether we like it or not and last Saturday a friend of mine ask me to list down a few annotations of what is being young at heart connotes and how to have and keep a young heart and here are some I came up with:

·        -  Young at heart is having an optimistic outlook in life despite the hurdles you are going through.
·         - You know how to enjoy life and be thankful for it.
·        -  Young at heart means looking into the future with confidence and not let your past mired your hope for a   better tomorrow
·         - Laugh like a child who is having his/her first balloon and Ferris wheel ride.

And last but not the least

·        -  Understand that every morning is a blessing and opportunity for us to fill our life with memories that we can carry as we grown older. We have the rest of our lives to look forward to and we shouldn’t impair it with negative views.

How about you what's being young at heart means to you? feel free to share your thoughts and blog links =)
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone =)

Tutu dress - Thrifted
Shoes - Centopelle 

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Be A Blogger with a Purpose

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Since the time that blogging evolve bloggers nowadays have become one of the most influential voices in all forms of social medias.  The blogosphere has indeed opened a new opportunity for average people to share their dreams and thoughts to the public whether it’s about fashion, travel, photography or simply about their personal existence.

But what does it take for bloggers to become an advocate? Become the voice of the voiceless? Don’t you think it’s time for you to elevate your blogging experience into something more purposeful? Join hands with us in fighting against Social Injustices. Join us here at Bloggers Against Social Injustice the niche of bloggers from around the world sharing the same vision and dreams.

Being a a pioneer and BASI's Director of Marketing and Social Media Relations I am very happy to be a part of such loving and dedicated organization.  BASI had given me a sense of responsibility and eagerness to help and reach out on other people. It had helped me see thing in a more objective way and most of all I have found real sisters sharing the same visions and dreams as I do and that no matter how far we are from each other (world's apart) we are working toward in reaching our goals.  One thing I have learned from BASI is that distance is never a hindrance when hearts have the same purpose.

Recently BASI joined FREE Them in their Freedom Walk campaign in Canada and here is a preview of what happened there =)

Our beautiful Co-Founder Christine a very loving, selfless girl. I am very grateful to have met her

We are also giving away this Armful of Love Bracelet so feel  free to join our give-away here BASI Giveaway

Be the voice of the voiceless join us now =) feel free to leave your thoughts and blog links...

Have a nice day everyone Xoxo

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Love for Bags

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Bags are considered as a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. They give an instant spark in a woman’s outfit. I am not a Bagaholic but I was deeply influenced by my grandmother and my mom who is a real lover for bags. Ever since I was a kid they’ve been collecting bags of different classes and styles.  When we were little my mom would often buy me and my sister this girly sling purse in different colors and with cute doll faces on it.

Growing up bags has become one of my favorite things to collect. I was just blessed that I am able to inherit some of my mother’s bags.  Here are some photos of my bag collections though not entirely the entire collection ‘coz some were already packed away in preparation for my closet makeover. (which I've been planning for months now.. With my growing wardrobe stuffs space have become a huge problem for me)

My LV's 

Crocodile skin corporate bag. I only used this once because i find it heavy. lol

Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag.

My favorite Roberta Rossi Bag

Renaissance hand bags made of genuine leather too.

Guess Vintage Shoulder Bag. I don't know how old this bag is but it belongs to my aunt.

Another way to ensure the condition of your bags is to wrapped it in plastic bags.

Genuine leather bags can be very tough to maintain. so here are some basic tips from I am Styl-ish. com

what do you think? =) I would love to see your bag collections too so feel free to leave your comments and blog links =) want to follow each other? 

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Color Your World

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Life is never meant to be easy or perfect we all have our shares of bumpy rides in life but it’s up to us how we would handle these obstacles.

Recently, I’m having these bumpy rides and it’s really frustrating when you feel so burdened, perplex and trapped. So what I did I list down all possible things that I could do to have a happy and colorful life. I am not saying that these things can be done overnight, as they said it’s easier said than done, but I know if would really put my heart and soul to it I can do it.

1.       Forgive – probably one of the most complicated thing to do. But forgiving someone who had wronged you could really lift up the heaviness you felt and could lighten up your heart.

2.       Accept – accept that some things happened even if we don’t want it too. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes those reasons maybe too complex to comprehend.

3.       Learn – learn from your mistakes take heed of the learning you have acquired. In the long run they will be your only tool to get through life.

4.       Stay away from negative people – they are sponger to your mentality and spirit.

5.       Have faith –have faith that all things will be well, God won’t give you problems you cannot handle. Keep your faith in him he is the only refuge we got.

6.       Let go – let go of grudges, old hate and love that keep us from moving forward. Letting go doesn’t mean you are weak it only means you are strong enough to withstand change.

7.       Move forward – choosing to get stuck in the past won’t do any good at all it won’t bring back spilled milk.

8.       Love your self – Of all things learn to value and love yourself first before other people. Your self is the only person you will have no matter what come to pass.

9.       Be thankful - be grateful for the things that you have, people that make you smile and feel loved.

10.   Choose to Be Happy – live for a moment, take control of your life and choose to be happy.

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Sunday Thrifting

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Nothing is more comforting than a day spent with family, after all weekends are the only times were we could bond with our kins.  So yesterday my family along with our Pomeranian pooch Zucalo decided to go on a Sunday Thrifting – an unusual bonding for most families I guess. But we find it more exciting, my mom and dad is a big fan of thrifting too so I guess we kids inherit it from them.

Sunday is the common day for “Ukay-ukay” - Ukay-ukay is the term used by Filipinos for Flea Markets it’s actually derived from the word HALUKAY which means to dig or make a mess but now a days the term is commonly used in places that sell old clothes, shoes, bags etc.  and more often ukay2x  can be found in public markets.

What my sister bought

What i bought blue shorts
Brand: Body, Mind and Soul

I love the preppy look of this short

What my mom bought

what's your favorite family bonding? How's your weekend everyone? Feel free to comment and don't forget to leave your blog links =) want to follow each other? just message me =)

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