A blissful Life

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“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

This past weeks has been full of happy, fun and crazy moments we had our Annual Fiesta, Barbeque Party and Beach Escapades. Sharing with you some of my favorite photos and captioned with my favorite quote from Mother Theresa =) But sure gonna share with you pictures from each events soon =)

Life is a duty, complete it

Life is a song, Sing It

Life is Beauty, admire it

Life is an adventure, Dare it

Life is a Dream, Realize It

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is Life, Fight for it =)

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Mall Rats: In search for the yellow shoes

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Shopping is every girls favorite thing to do and last Saturday my cousin and my sister when to the mall not only to stroll but to search for perfect yellow shoes for my cousin who is getting married next month. It will be her wedding shoes.

Our first stop is in my personal favorite shop "Mags" this shop offers a variety of girly
you'll surely love 

My outfit.. I really Love the color of my dress reminds me of candies =)

Beautiful yellow shoes. I really the wedge  how about you?

This native bags at SM department store is a steal
Clutch bag is only P299.00 and Shoulder bag P595.00
The Unica Hija store offers vintage and classic inspired garments
very nice.

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Get the Look: The Wedding Inspiration

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The wedding month is coming up and with this i got inspired doing this post. These are some of the wedding theme that i love to have=)
The Red Wedding

Red is one of my Favorite color and not to mention the color of love =)
 for the bride i want a couture elegant gown and as for the bridesmaid i want a fun and funky look match with funky hat and glove lace 
The Flower Girl dress

The Wedding Enchanted

Who doesn't love a fairy tale inspired wedding?
Brides Maid i want them to wear different faryish dresses with garlands on their hair
The bride's bouquet will not be the typical fresh flower bouquet but instead it will be lace
flowers encrusted with rhinestones
Flower girls - I wanted them to wear Pixie dresses with fairy wings =)

Vintage Inspired Wedding

A simple vintage wedding is really nice.

The Phantom of the Opera Inspired wedding
I am a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera musical and it will be very unique to channel it as 

a wedding theme.

Bride:  Black and white wedding gown with long lace train, corset black and pick-up skirt
Bridesmaid: Bustier Dress with Tulle ruffle train and instead of flower bouquet they'll be carrying Masquerade Masks =)

A simple black and white dress for the flower girls

The Rainbow Whimsical wedding

The Black and Pink Wedding

So there you have it readers =) which of the wedding inspiration/theme you love? feel free to comment


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Before I Die I want to.....

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Dying is probably one of many things that people are trying to overlooked probably because for fear of oblivion and what is really beyond death. But if  you were given just one chance to do one thing before before you die what would you do? 

My week is jam packed with unfinished to do lists, D.I.Y's and new notions for this and that but on the positive note i am able to gather likely elements for this post. Anyway last week i came across this certain blog from a fellow IFB member Zsaza  http://zsasa.be (you should check her blog it's really inspirational) and one post that i loved from her blog is the "Before I Die I Want to Project" the main concept for this project is to actually make people know what is really important in their lives. So basically i adore the idea and decided to replicate it. I ask the question to a couple of friends and I'm so happy for the positive response.=) Wanna thank them all. =)

How about you guys? What are you gonna do before you die?

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Sister style: Rock Chic

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On Me:
Blazer: Karimadon
Inner top: Vintage Lace - Thrifted
Hem Skirt - Thrifted
Ankle Boots: Thrifted
Accessories: Necklace - Online buy
                    Sunglasses - Borrowed from my grandmother

On Curtny:
Dress: Borrowed from me =))
Boots: From Japan

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Doll Face Collections

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One of the things i love is collecting planners. Ever since i was on my teen years I've been keeping one. And it's been my tradition to have one every year. but sometimes finding the perfect planner - one that really suits you and your interest is hard but  Dollface Collection Planners offers personalized planner that is sure to start your year in a fun and exciting way. Their main objective is to inspire girls to be strong, creative, fun and smart.


Check out their facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/dollfacecollections
So what about you? do you love having a personalized planner?

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Sister Style: Vintage Couture

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"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life."

My sister and I we love to play dress up and yesterday our cousin who will be leaving for Japan decided to take photos of me and my sister. we are both wearing vintage couture gowns which is previously owned by our aunt when she is still my age. so just come to imagine that both of this gowns are 15 yrs. old already =)) 

The look:

On me - 1960's inspired polka dots gown in red
              Tie-me up headband - chinese bazaar
              Pearl bracelet
              Peep toe in cream

On Curtny - Velvet vintage couture gown
                    Shoes - online buy
                    Bracelet - DIY ribbon in black and velvet
                    Head piece - Chinese bazaar

Thanks for viewing =)


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