The Tropical Shake

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Summer in the Philippines is very hot  and being a tropical country we are blessed with tropical fruits one of this is the pineapple and orange- both has an exceptional juiciness in it that makes it perfect for this tropical shake.


1 1/2 cups fresh pineapple juice
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/4 cup fresh carrot juice 
4 ice cubes, coarsely crushed

Put the pineapple juice, orange juice and carrot juice in a blender or food processor. Add the crushed ice and process for 5 seconds. Make 1 glass.

So there you have it... enjoy =)

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Happy Travel to: Sampaguita Garden (Home of the Precious Moments)

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The Sampaguita Garden is located in New Washington, Kalibo Philippines which is a 4 hours drive from Iloilo City. It is a 14 hectares land with a touch of Asian and a hint of European structures. I've heard a lot of amazing stories about it but i never actually had the chance to travel there, not until my recent job which required me to travel to Kalibo.

 Along with my co-workers we did a side trip to the magnificent mansion.. I am in awe with the amazing structures and collections of the Precious Moment Dolls.  It's like stepping inside the world of dolls. The Jojo Christmas Cottage itself is a huge replica of a doll house. A 3 storey doll house that is and each floor has it's own theme. But aside from the Jojo Cottage you can also check the Precious Moment Chapel,  Sam Butcher's Mansion (Sam is the creator of the place) swimming pool and a lot more.

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Night Thrifting

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 Our district is going to hold it's annual fiesta soon, so numerous "ukay2x" sprouted everywhere in our town's plaza. So last night my 6 yrs. old niece and i went for a night thrifting. Not to mention that this is her first time to do some real "ukay2x" (She just came back from Japan) so yeah i think she really had a good time =)

My niece just kept pulling clothes out of the racks Lol

She wanted so much to buy this dress because of it's sparkly details.

Clothes Prices ranges from:
Random: Php 10.00 or less than $1.00
Tops: from Php 45-75 $ 1.00
Dress: Php 100.00 $2.00

This is what i  bought a pink chiffon top. i really love it

And this vintage lace top... So inlove with the lacey details

And my niece finally settled for this hat. She said she wants
to wear it in our beach escapade soon.

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Sequence and Beads Bracelet

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Here's another simple and inexpensive D.I.Y project.

Supplies Needed:
1. Beads - color of your choice (I chose mine in Pink)
    Sequence - Color of your choice
    Elastic String

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Happy Travel To: Florentina Homes (A home away from home)

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I love travelling... going to new places, snapping photos and meeting new people. One of my favorite place is The Florentina Homes in Dumaguete City and their Gabby's Bistro Restaurant and Rana Verde Coffee Shop offers tasty yet reasonably priced-meals and one thing i really love about it is the uniquely designed interior and exterior.

The oasis pool

A collection of drawings from kids
Unusual stuffs you'll find inside the rest room.. just like this cute huge
toothpaste tube.

Loaded with famous people and characters  like Oprah, Simpsons, Bruce Lee,
Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe

For more details about Florentina Homes check out their website at

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The 3 way Thrift-Finds (Vanity Fair)

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In buying clothes i always see to it that i can wear it in multiple ways, and often i can buy great finds in flee markets and thrift stores. Previously, i found this nice looking Vanity Fair  top - yes, actually it's a top but the size is too big for me that i can use it as dress =))

Look 1 - Dress  Look 2 - tube dress Look 3 - top

Thanks for viewing =)

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Dogs are man's bestfriends (meet my adorable pets)

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Dogs are man's best friend - indeed it is true, and perhaps they are the only thing in the world that could remain loyal to you, they can love their masters more than they love their selves. Today, i'll be sharing with you photos of my two adorable dogs.

Meet Maggie - Mini Pinscher - she is now 3 yrs. old and pregnant =)

Never takes life seriously, Nobody gets out alive anyways.

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.  
Meet Zucalo - Pomeranian she is only 2 months old

There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.

Nothing will come to you if you don’t go for it! It takes just a step to achieve your goals!  
The biggest challenge in life is being yourself… in a world trying to make you like everyone else..  
God, if i can't have what i want, let me want what i have

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

life is like time.We can never get the moments gone, only regrets are left.

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Which t.v girl are you?

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Channel the unique styles of this leading lady girls into your own wardrobe...

Vanessa Hudgens as the cool Gabriella Montez in Highschool Musical
How to have a Bohemian Style -

Lea Michele as the preppy Rachel Berry of Glee
How to have the preppy look -

Shenae Grimes as the beach bum Annie Wilson of  90210
How to get the beach bum style -

Selena Gomes as Mary Santiago in Another Cinderella Story
How to get the girl-next-door look -

Which TV girl are you? =) feel free to comment

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Fashion Inspiration - The 3 Great Greek gods

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Zeus, Hades and Poseidon are the 3 great gods residing at Mt. Olympus. These 3 brothers also triplets are the most powerful among Greek gods.

Zeus- is the ruler of the gods, he has a sky palace made of white marble his favorite weapon is a
lightning bolt his animal is the eagle.

For a Zeus inspired fashion choose light colors like white or beige, being the god of the sky
and earth. 

Set 1: Pleated Silk Dress in light beige -, Stiletto -, clutch, dagger collar necklace - 
Set 2: Summer love dress -, Quilted Bag -, wedge -
long chain necklace with eagle pendant -
Eye make-up -

Poseidon- Ruler of the sea and earthquake, his favorite weapon is trident. His animal the horse.

Hades god of the underworld and the dead. His animal the ram.
Set 1:  Peplum Day dress -, Fiasco Black Heels, Black ring and charm bracelet. 

Set 2: Tank top -, cruiser shorts -, Satin pumps -
 Fedora Hat -, Ram Pendant necklace -
Eye make-up- go for an extreme smokey cat-eye look and as for the lips induce to a super red lips.

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The Sleeping Beauty Cocktail

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Beauty sleep is a big must to us girls, no one wants to look like a living dead anyway. Dark circles under eyes, drowsy, walking like your floating and living the entire day in half existence. It's so frustrating, but sometimes life doesn't always give us a bed of roses. I am a somniphobic/insomniac i always have a hard time falling asleep so  i discover this cocktail i wanna call 'The Sleeping Beauty Cocktail" It's easy and healthy =) enjoy


3 cups Lettuce - Lettuce is known as soporific they tend o induce drowsiness and sleep
2 stalks Celery - removed the bitter tops
1/2 cucumber, peeled

Bunch up the lettuce and juice. Cut the celery and cucumber into hopper-sized pieces and juice. pour into a glass add sugar and flavoring of your choice and stir. Make 1 large glass.

drink this juice a half-hour before bedtime...and
avoir une bonne nuit de sommeil (have a goodnight sleep) =)

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I Love Saturday

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Saturday is usually my church day. 

About this look:

Top - is originally owned by my grandmother, one thing i love about it- is that it's very light and comfortable, so perfect for the humid summer.

Bandage Skirt -  It can be worn with almost anything.

Shoes - gladiator styled stiletto

Clutch Bag - thrifted from an office mate 

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World Behind My Camera Lens

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Today ill be sharing some photos that i have captured..
Don't know how to say what you feel? Say it with flower

Stressed is dessert spelled backwards

experimenting with blue mascara 

Feels like the devil's wear Prada

My comfort food

No matter how difficult life is take time to smile

There's more to life we just have to take a second to stop and breath.

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