The Love for Vintage

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There is an adage that "The Old is the New Fashion Era", Just imagine, decades of fashion styles you can mix and match. The options are just endless. The main reason why i love vintage is the fact that  it's Timeless and you can have a "One of a Kind Look"  Most thrift shops offer one of a kind or limited edition vintage clothing. So it's like wearing a piece of history that  exudes uniqueness.

So, how do you wear vintage fashion? As i said the options are endless. Here are some tips you can try:

Balance a super flashy vintage dress with a contemporary pieces.  wear an chic pumps, a hoop earrings
and you can also add a belt for an hour glass effect.

Wear your modern outfit and pair up with vintage accessories like a flower design handbag, flower pump shoes and earrings.

Wear your vintage outfit and pair it with modern accessories such as a statement bowler
hat and clutch.
Try to mix vintage with modern. Pair a vintage top with a denim short or pants

Always remember to balance vintage with modern. That's the trick to all of it =)

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Stuck In Time

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Ever wonder what it feels like to be stuck in time, that no matter how strong the threat of oblivion it don't matter?
You never have to grow old - completely immortalized. The idea sounds great but then again if you were to think that you have to watch the world  pass you by while you remain stuck in time you would definitely feel a gnawing sentiment of nostalgia.

These photos was inspired by the 2002 movie "Tuck Everlasting" i really love that movie. (Not to mention that Jonathan Jackson is so cute there )

Outfit Details:
Lace Vintage Skirt - Thrifted
Lace Vintage Top - Thrifted
Flower Ring 

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Fashion In Colors

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I love hues because it exudes freshness and lightness. Today I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite fashion items in different pastel colors.

Minty Green
The color green signifies nature and often radiates calmness.

ace Ruffled Green Blouse -
Jill Sander pleated poplin skirt -
Ten Thousand Things Chrysoprase Waterfall Necklace -  
Vince Camuto Color Bracelets Bangle -
Prada Tote -
Bronzed by Barse " Lace" Faceted Green Onyx Ring -
Charlotte Olumpia Pumps - 

Posh Purple
Purple is the color of royalty . It exudes sophistication and femininity
Lavender Lace Pencil Dress -
CC Petite Bow Detail Clutc, Wisteria -
Penny Loves Kenny Siren Purple Sat -
Jeanne Simmons Cheshire Fascinator Hat - 

Sassy Pink
One of my favorite Colors. Pink is often associated to girlishness and romance
Chiffon Tiered Dress -
Paris Hilton Shoes, Destiny Peep Toe Platform Pumps -  
Kate Benjamin Pink Bows Satin Clutch Bag -  
Oh, Lola! Perfume By Marc Jacobs -
Betsey Johnson Floral Hinged Bangle -

Dainty White
There's no more color pure than white, It denotes innocence .
Tiered Lace Women Tank -
H&M Earings -
Ivory ruffled corsage court shoes -
CHANNEL Vintage Chain Shoulder Bag -
Seven Lyse Jeans -
Phase Eight Cleo Occasion hat - 

Power Yellow
The brightest of all colors, associated with creativity, playfulness and energy
Diane Von Furstenberg Dress -
Office Les Ballet Black Patent -
Lanvin Happy Medium Leather Shoulder Bag -
Karleena's Crystal Gold Wire Cuff Bracelet -
Miso Neon Chain Drop Earings - 

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What makes a person stylish?

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I have a demanding week both in work and in my personal existence I might say. In work I have loads of up-coming projects to tend to, the list never ends. My weekend is also filled with my nephew’s upcoming christening, making his invitations and looking for the perfect memento. But of course it didn't stop me from doing what I usually do every weekend – blogging. =) Words and topics are already mound up inside my mind that it is starting to weigh down my brain. So, here I am tapping my laptop to slacken up my poor brain.

Recently, I am trying to convince a friend to join in my fashion blogging addiction. She is one of those clueless fashionista and I’m trying to squeeze her out of her shell and introduce her own sense of style to the rest of the world. But, eventually she keeps on insisting that she is not stylish at all, that she’s plump (which of course is not true), and she doesn’t have enough funds to splurge on designer items. This really mortified me knowing for a fact that I am a thrifty shopper. My closet is swarmed with clothes both designer and non designer clothes but all came from my bargain hunting.

So really, what makes a person modish? Is it someone who expends so much on shopping? Or is it someone who faithfully follows trends or lavishly favors branded clothes? Personal style differ in various things, but one must always remember that spending oodles of money, being up to date or being a designer aficionado does not make one stylish.  Therefore, what makes a person stylish? Well, here are the 6 recipes to having a great style:

1.      First, know yourself. What match your lifestyle, personality and body type are some of the crucial points to deem. It is very significant to know who you are and what you like.
2.      Second, be ingenious, scour flea markets, thrift stores, and online stores, you might find inimitable items.
3.      Third, Do not be too caught up with trends, try to incorporate what you have. Put an unusual touch to it.
4.      Fourth, try to hone your fashion palate. Be unique.
5.      Fifth, make an outfit work for you and not the other way around. But remember you have to be comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing.
6.      And sixth, try to dress to express and not to impress, often times we get so caught up with the idea of impressing other people that we tend to ignore our own sense of style. So, before you make an impression try to ask yourself. Are you happy with what you are wearing?

My dear friends take heed that dressing up is an extension and idiom of yourself and not of other people.  =)  

Sharing with you some of my personal favorite fashionista friends:
My ever elegant hot mama friend Ann
My fashion style? I think im more into classy style  

My fashionista cousin Darlyn
my fashion style?? i would go for anything that would look good on me.. i don't usually dig in to the latest fahion trends..
what i do is i mix & match anything i could find in my closet.. when i put on something, i have to make sure i'd look nice, trendy & it should make me feel comfy & confident..

overpriced or expensive clothing is a big NO-NO for me! anything over 500 php is too expensive already.. so look good & be smart:) 

So what about you? What is your fashion style? What makes you stylish? =)

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The Tale of a Vintage Dress

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Every wardrobe has a story to tell..... A memory that is worth to reminiscence.... This Dress is very memorable to me not only because  it is an up-cycled dress sewn by my mom from her own vintage skirt. But also because this is the very first photo shoot i made for when i first join the fashion community last Nov. of  2011.I loved vintage fashion even before i started fashion blogging, but this is the only time that i wholly embrace the vintage vogue.  Joining Chictopia has opened a new world for me, a world of fashion that is. I am able to totally discover my own sense of style and also discovered new inspirations from my fellow chictopians.

Dress: Up-cycled
Vintage Shoes: Thrifted from a flea market
Vintage Ring: Bazaar
Socks: Borrowed from my sister (lol)

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Dolly's Dress

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Way back when i was a kid  i used to have a favorite doll i called "Dolly" and this dress resembles the same dress that she is wearing, the color and even the cut itself. I vividly remember wishing that i could be a doll myself i am always enthralled with how beautiful they look. (especially those expensive porcelain dolls) I never had one because it's way too expensive for little girls to play with. But, wearing this dress i feel like a doll myself =)

how i acquire this vintage doll dress?

I've been looking for a Dorothy Perkins dress, i really love the vintage, classy and elegant style of Dorothy Perkins. But i found this dress instead and i was so giggly when i tried it on.  I have to buy it and i am glad i did. because my mom and grandmother loved it too. =)

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D.I.Y Pearl Necklace

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What you need:

1. Long Strands of pearl necklace - different colors. I have mine in white, light pink and, light gold.

2. Huge Silk Ribbon for the lock

3. Small Silk Ribbon

4. A Brooch -  design of your choice

1. Collect your strands of pearl and make a U-Shape

2.  Tie each end with a silk ribbon. Make sure that it's tight. The ribbon will serve as the lock.

3. Use the small ribbon to tie the front of your pearl. Attached the brooch and Viola!!

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Rainy Sunday and a Polka Dot

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My weekend is pretty hectic, last Saturday afternoon i transferred to a new bedroom so i keep myself busy by designing my new lair. Saturday evening i was restless i can't sleep =)) i was too excited for morning to come because for two reason - 1) I'll be designing my very own walk-in closet and 2) Sunday is my fashion pictorial day =) (though some people just can't understand why it is vital for fashion bloggers to gather countless photographs... I'll be discussing that topic in my blog soon). Besides there is a lot of notion going inside my head, thoughts on what to post on my blog. Unfortunately, Sunday came and the weather didn't agree with my plan. So these are all the photos i got for my Sunday.

Top: Thrifted
Bandage Skirt: Bought online

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The 3 way use Vintage Skirt (From Skirt To Dress)

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