Pull Your Life, Make it Better

July 19, 2012

At times life can be chaotic leaving a huge messy strain in your entire body system.  Looking back at my life i know i made a lot of mess but those are all in the past and the past can't be undone. Life doesn't have a delete or edit button right? the present is the only way for one to make up of past mistakes. Struggling to live in a hectic world can be really hard, trying to determine how and where to start to make your life better.

Yesterday, i came up with simple ways on how to jump start in treading the path of change.

  1. Be in control of your destiny - review your life and think of how you want it to be.
  2. Don't hold back - Follow your dreams, some people will tend to pull down your self esteem. But never hold back
  3. Keep a journal  -  i just had a Gratitude Journal =) jotting 5 things that you are grateful and happy everyday can change your perspective towards life. 
  4. Be in touch of who you are. knowing your true self can help you fulfill your dreams
  5. Be in a Relationship that allows you to love your self more. 
  6. Forget past mistakes just don't forget to learn from it. As James Joyce once said " A man's errors are his portal of discovery." 
  7. Do what you love to do -  Time flies so is our age, so go, and make the most of your dear young life.
9th day of the 30 days of style - i still have a long way to go.. But i love waking up in the morning and dress up for the day.  =)

Top: Granny's Closet
Skirt: Zara
Bag: LV

How about you? How would you pull your life to make it better? Share your comments and leave your blog links =))  2 more days and hello weekend =))

P.S I'm still looking for bloggers with real life stories to feature on Spring of Hopes.... Feel free to check it out. Just posted Rebeca's story "Final Journey"



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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. wise words!

    i had been in a bit of a slump these past few months; then i decided to be a happy person, i should live as a happy person. enjoy the many beautiful things in my life, laugh, really enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, rather than dwell on thinking i am dissatisfied and breeding malcontent.

    good luck with the 30 days!


  2. i love your blog this music and your clothes makes it so exciting to keep up with :-) your new follower


  3. love your outfit. and that last quote is so beautiful!



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