Painting the Day Red

July 27, 2012

I decided to wear red today to match my mood - i just feel so in love hahhaah...  You know that feeling of being deeply in love and be loved in return.. =)) so yeah i just feel so happy today.

This is also the 11Th Day of . The 30 days of style wew! still a long way to go.. But honestly speaking i feel so proud of myself that i am able to control myself from splurging on not so needed items. =)

Draped Dress: Natasha
Wedge: Vivienne Westwood
Hand Bag: Roberta Rossi

How are you guys? what are your weekend plans? What's your stand on being in love? feel free to comment and leave your blog link =)

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. You look gorgeous hon and the wedges are to die for. Let's follow each other!

  2. Love the dress!!


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