In search for the unique shoes

July 14, 2012

Lately I've been dreaming of a room full of shoes, in fact I'm planning to have a new storage for my shoes. well, i really don't have that much shoes - not just yet =) My fascination for shoes (believe it or not) just started this year..Before, I'am not really one of those people who are shoes mania or such. I'am more of a clothes and accessory holic. i am contented of having a 2 pair of doll shoes, and 1 pair of sandals. yeah that's the truth lol... But lately, I crave for more shoes, i want every color and every style. Prolly, because i am more inclined to the importance of having enough shoes.

But moreover i wanted to own a unique pair of shoes, something.....cute and inimitable so with google's help i begin my search for the unique shoes. and here are some i recently found in the net which i really wish to own =)

1 reason it's pink.. hahaha but seriously i just love the weird, villainous look of this shoes.

It's floral, it's cute, it's girly

I wanted to own an olive green color shoes. And i'm a big fan of wedges

Very classy and unique

the ultimate wedge. wearing this you'll probably feel so.. tall

so Victorian and i love it. the lace, the color, the style it's beautiful

Cotton Candy shoes =))

Rainbow shoes

vintage... soooooo love

Isn't this classy and chic?

It's look like one of those shoes worn by dolls.

another wedge =)

The complicated look of this shoes makes it more interesting. i wonder  if it's comfortable to wear

oh for the love of rhinestones.. 

rocking in a heart shoe =)

haaaaa if only i could just pluck each one out of my laptop. hahaha

how about you my dear friends which  is your favorite? feel free to leave your comment and blog links =)

Source: feel free to check it out. there's more shoe photos there.

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Those vintage laces ones are so cute!

  2. whoa, those are pretty intense O.o i love them all! (would probably fall over if i wore them, but what are a few bruises for the sake of fashion, right?)

  3. Those are all so gorgeous! Same as Zia here though, couldn't stand in any one of them!


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